Poetic Praises


Although I have been saved,
Sometimes I still find
I get lost in the past
And stay a step behind.

…Behind where I want to be
And what you know I am
Stumbling but not falling
I lean on you and your plan.

Jesus help me look ahead
Keep me from turning around
From that past you’ve set me free
By sin’s chains I am not bound.


Though my sins may be many
Your grace has set me free
Your forgiveness goes on
As does my love for thee.I shall weep at your feet
When at your presence I fall
Amazed that you died for me
My heart, my life, I give it all.

Gone Home

Don’t cry for me, not one tear
For I walk on streets of gold
The beauty is immaculate
A sight you must behold.The earth cannot compare
To the glory up above
The sounds, smells, and presence
And enveloping, sweet love.

The most amazing, though
Was the first thing I did see
The sight of nail- pierced hands
…Of Jesus lifting me.

So don’t cry for me, I’m Happy here
We will meet once again
When one day, you too, will feel
The tug of Jesus’ hands.

Love Supplied

You may have never witnessed
A daddy’s caring ways
Or admired his folded hands
As he bowed his head and prayed.But what you missed back then
Overflowing it will be
When you give your life to Him
Who died at Calvary.

Through Jesus is a Father
Who has love that goes so deep
He will not abandon you
He is perfect and complete.

Accept a life with Jesus
For through Him you will find
A father pure and flawless
Your everlasting guide.

All poetry protected ©Copyright 2020 of the Greenfield First Church of the Nazarene.
All Rights Reserved.

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